Be a part of the movement driving innovation and progress for Black communities in Florida.

The Black Innovation Leaders of Florida (BILF) is a dynamic community dedicated to empowering Black leaders and organizations at the forefront of innovation. We believe that uniting, educating, advocating, and providing technical support can create a powerful force for equity, wealth creation, and opportunity within the Black community across Florida.

Why Join?

Become part of a robust network: 

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations passionate about driving innovation in Black communities.
  • Access valuable resources: Access educational programs, workshops, and technical support to advance innovative ideas.
  • Advocate for change: Collectively amplify your voice and advocate for policies that promote equity and opportunity for Black innovators.
  • Make a real difference: Contribute to building a brighter future where Black innovation thrives and flourishes.

Membership Levels

Participating organizations and leaders are committed to ensuring engagement and initiatives supporting innovation within the black community align with addressing needs to push equity, wealth and opportunities.

Individual Partners

Individual Members

Entity Partners

Nonprofit Organizations Members

Together, we can create a future where Black innovation leads the way! Join us today!


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