About Us


Unite and provide access, education, advocacy, and technical support to Florida organizations and leaders with a focus on elevating innovation in the black community.


Participating organizations and leaders are committed to ensuring engagement and initiatives supporting innovation within the black community align with addressing needs to push equity, wealth and opportunities.

Why We Matter

Black communities are brimming with talent and ingenuity. However, systemic barriers often hinder access to resources and opportunities. BILF bridges this gap by providing the support, education, and advocacy Black innovators need to turn their ideas into reality.

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future:

We believe that working together can create a powerful force for equity, wealth creation, and opportunity within the Black community. Whether you’re an individual innovator, a leading organization, or a dedicated supporter, there’s a place for you at BILF. Explore our Join Us and Partners pages to learn more about how you can get involved.

Together, let’s unlock the boundless potential of Black innovation in Florida!

Board of Directors

Dr. Wanda Eugene

Servola Frazier

Rose Lejiste

Lloyd Reshard

Ebony Vaz

Cherrise Wilks

Temante Leary


Tammy Charles

Dr. Byron Clayton

Hugh Campbell

Founding Leaders

Felecia Hatcher

Joseph Simmons

Avril Stinson

Veronica Valdez

Jesus Vidaurri

James Faison

The expertise within the Black Innovation Leaders of Florida ecosystem is extensive. Tap into the decades of knowledge from topics on ecosystem building, equity, technology, talent, public policy, education, capital and more. 

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