The 2024 White House Summit on STEMM Equity and Excellence offered a powerful testament to the growing national movement for a more inclusive and successful future in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM). Black Innovation Leaders of Florida (BILF) was proud to be represented at this landmark event by board members Ebony Vaz, CEO of Above Promotions, and Servola Frazier, CEO of Motivate Enterprises.

The summit, co-hosted by the White House Office of Science Technology and Policy (OSTP) and the STEM Opportunity Alliance (SOA), brought together a diverse range of leaders from across the nation. The agenda featured insightful discussions, unveiling a comprehensive National Strategy: Propelling Progress & Prosperity by 2050.

This ambitious plan outlines actionable steps to increase access and opportunity in STEMM fields, with the goal of growing the U.S. STEMM workforce by 20 million by 2050. Importantly, the SOA, a coalition of over 200 organizations, is collectively investing more than $2 billion towards efforts to improve equity in STEMM, addressing the persistent underrepresentation of Black and Hispanic professionals in these fields.

The urgency for change is clear. Statistics reveal a sobering reality: Black and Hispanic workers in STEMM are significantly underpaid compared to their white counterparts. However, the collaborative spirit and commitment to action witnessed at the White House Summit offer a beacon of hope.

BILF is committed to playing its part in achieving this vision. We are a Florida-based organization dedicated to igniting young minds and cultivating a new generation of Black innovators. Through a variety of initiatives, we empower Black students to pursue careers in STEMM fields.

Educators play a critical role in shaping young minds. BILF organizes workshops and in class industry professional appearances to equip them with the necessary tools and strategies to cultivate an innovation mindset in their classrooms. We believe all students deserve a chance to explore their potential and pursue careers in STEMM fields. That’s why BILF is a relentless advocate for increased access to high-quality STEMM education programs for Black students.

BILF doesn’t stop at advocacy. We are data-driven, tracking and analyzing data on Black student participation in innovation and STEMM programs. This data allows us to identify areas where improvement is needed and tailor our initiatives accordingly.

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